I write you this day as an apostle, legacy carrier and believer of your loving husband Mr Omoyele Sowore in respect to the open letter written by Yahaya Balogun to him (your loving husband), which could depressingly suggest or provoke the thought of compromising your great support for him in the quest for realisation of the dream of your unflinchingly revolutionary-minded husband and flag bearer of the African Action Congress.  

It cannot be over emphasised that you have unanimously and always been a strong pillar and stealth weapon to defend, stand by and uphold Omoyele’s legacy until there was a need for you to openly rise to the occasion came. You stood your ground, you fought for his release during the time he was unjustly detained by the tyrannic government of the moment in Nigeria.

By this standard of display of noble character, not to patronize you, Ma’am, it has shown your undiscribable valour, vigour, and highly exquisite magnanimity of a loving wife to her husband. Your presence of lioness-ness was indeed felt across our planet.  

Opeyemi Sowore

To this effect, I hereby encourage you to remain resolute, remain steadfast in thoughts and prayers. Mr Yahaya Balogun quotes thus in his written letter: “If the only tools you have is a hammer, every problem is as a nail.” 
(Abraham H.  Maslow)

And in my response, “Omoyele Sowore is the anointed hammer to submerge every crooked nail in Nigeria.”
(Sledge Da Hawker) 

The number of Nigerians, who believe in the quest for a better nation championed by your husband increase by the hour and as such they look up to him and you. We have seen a Nigerian, who named his child ‘Sowore’ even when he had no idea what that name means. This is because of Mr Stephen Sowore’s doggedness. His charisma and person in the political space which is overwhelmingly infectious to an extent that Nigerian youth are beginning to blow his trumpet as the leader they desire. 

In spite of this however, you will agree with the fact that  ”No wind blows in favour of a sailing ship but still gets to its destination. I encourage you as a propeller of a sailing ship (Omoyele Sowore), propel to the port of destination. 

God bless you.

Agena, Bob Ande
FCT, Abuja




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Agena Bob Ande

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