Condemnations have continued to trail the killing of unarmed villagers in Southern Kaduna communities by armed Fulani herdsmen. 

Between May 19 to 24, herdsmen have killed scores of persons in many communities in the area. 

Reacting to the killings, music producer, Don Jazzy, expressed concern over government’s failure to act on the killings despite the frequency of occurrence. 

He said, “The pictures of inhabitants of Southern Kaduna, who were gruesomely killed in bandits’ attacks in the past few days is such a sorry sight to behold. It’s even more worrying that many others have reportedly fled their homes for safety. 

“The security of lives and properties of our people should be the primary duty of government at all levels. Our security agencies should be charged to do more in this regard, ensuring the sanctity of lives and properties. Peace to the departed souls.”

Segalink, Don Jazzy

Rights campaigner Segun Awosanya also known as Segalink, asked governor of Kaduna State, Nasir el-Rufai, to take immediate responsibility for the killings.

He said, “I’ve always been entertained by the furtive attempt by interests to downplay brazen murders/impunity by certain ethnic brigades in the bid to trivialize the grief of the unjustly oppressed. This academic calendar ritual Is sadly playing out before our eyes again on the SK matter.

“As the saying goes, “the people that know us best, know how best to hurt us.” This is why politicians of an already beleaguered admin morbidly seeking to bury their family albatross, use expensive influencers to brainwash the populace. 

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“The truth, however, must never be a foreign language. Even a dead man’s words are valued once the claims can be verified. We must never attenuate our humanity at any cost. Murdered children and defenseless women must get justice regardless of the adjective we find convenient.

“Be it a clash, genocide, Kajuru, homicide — death is death, and the governor is the CSO that owes the people the duty of care to protect them from this kind of situation. Whichever way you choose to look at it, the state has failed and the governor must take responsibility.”

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