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30 days to singing high; range, pitch and resonance training for singers

The voice is a very powerful tool in conveying whatever is on your mind, while singing is simply the Manipulation of air to produce sound to a point of resonance.

Everyone loves to be heard but if there is difficulty in projecting the sound your conveyed in your mind, people may not listen to you!

Hence the need the get this book on vocal training, also available in the book are seasoned vocal tips and exercises that will make you stand out in a crowd!

The book is an E-book, available on pre-order for #2000 before 18th of November, 2020, after which it will start selling for #3000 from 18th November, 2020.
Also, every buyer has a free access to 3 weeks one on one online vocal training session with the Author of the book.

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ibukun omodara

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